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The Push Notification Ads Masterclass
The Push Notification Ads Masterclass

Duston Mcgroarty The Push Notification Ads Masterclass – WSO Downloads

how to make $10,000 Per Month with push notification ads

Here’s a small preview of what you’ll learn as a student in this in-depth masterclass:
  • SNEAKY SPYING SECRET: Don’t even think about running a push notification ad campaign until you’ve used this simple spying technique!
  • CAMPAIGN MONEY TRAPS: Discover where NOT to spend your ad budget and avoid wasting thousands of dollars showing your ads to bots. This one tip alone will cover your enrollment fee into the masterclass.
  • PUSH TRAFFIC MATH: There’s a simple formula you can use along with a free online tool that will predict the success (or failure) of your push notification ad campaign.
  •  PUSH-SPECIFIC LANDERS: Is there such a thing as a push notification landing page? Absolutely! And you won’t believe how simple it is to create!
  •  HIGH-CONVERTING OFFERS: There are certain offers that just KILL IT when it comes to pushing traffic. You’ll discover all 5 of them!
  •  BEST PUSH AD NETWORKS: Not all push traffic is considered equal. Heck, some of it just downright UGLY. You’ll learn the top 4 ad networks that have the highest quality push notification traffic.
Enrollment closes in:

Yes, Duston, I want to make $1,000 per day as an affiliate with push notification ads WITHOUT spending a boatload of money! Please enroll me now!

I understand the enrollment period for this masterclass is closing soon and may never be open again.

I also understand the discounted price of $97.00 is only available during this initial enrollment period and will increase to $247.00 when the initial enrollment period is over.
Lastly, I understand this is a live masterclass taught via an online webinar and it will be recorded in case I can’t attend live.

List of Push Notification Ad Networks

There are new push notification ad networks popping up left and right. Also, existing ad networks are starting to offer push notifications as an ad type.

Personally, I wouldn’t run on a new network until someone else has proven it to be profitable.

How do you know when someone else has proven a new network to be profitable? By spying in Anstrex (use code: nar_20 for 20% off your monthly plan).

Here’s a list of push notification networks you can spy on with Anstrex:

  • AdCash
  • AdNow
  • AdsKeeper
  • AdsTerra
  • DatsPush
  • EngageYa
  • EvaDav
  • MegaPush
  • Mgid
  • MobVista
  • PowerInbox
  • PropellerAds
  • RevContent
  • RichPush
  • ZeroPark

That’s a LOT of different push notification networks to choose from. One of the most common questions I get is, which push notification ad network should I use… or… which push notification ad network is the best?

Top 10 Push Notification Ad Networks

As of April 3, 2019, these are the top 10 push notification ad networks based on the number of campaigns running in Anstrex:

  1. MegaPush
  2. Mgid
  3. PropellerAds
  4. ZeroPark
  5. DatsPush
  6. RevContent
  7. RichPush
  8. AdsKeeper
  9. AdsTerra
  10. AdNow

Best Offers for Push Notification Ads

Now that you know the best push notification ad networks, lets talk about the best offers for push notification ads.

Like I said earlier, the broader the better here. That’s not to say that you can’t make push notification ads work for a niche market. It’s definitely a possibility.

It’s just easier to go with something that has mass-appeal. Here’s a list of the best offers for push notification ads:

  • App downloads
  • Background Check Tools
  • Bizopp (Business Opportunities)
  • Clickbank-Type Offers
  • Dating
  • Diet/Weight Loss
  • Games
  • Surveys
  • Sweepstakes

Those are the most common offers I see being run across many of the different push notification ad networks.

Obviously, these aren’t the only offers that will convert. They’re just the most common ones I see running all the time.

But probably the most common type of push notification ad you’ll find running, no matter which network you’re looking at, are content ads.

These content ads use a strategy called ads arbitrage to make money.

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