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Social Traffic Revolution
Social Traffic Revolution

Social Traffic Revolution – WSO Downloads

The Revolutionary Way To Build A List Of Thousands Of Hungry Buyers AND Make Commissions In Under 7 Days Without Having To Create Or Sell Anything – Ever!

Generate Commissions Quickly
No Email List Needed
No Product Creation
No Selling To Anyone – Ever!
No Website Needed
Just Say YES and Copy And Paste What We Do
Newbies and ‘Failures’ Are Very Welcome 🙂

The People I’m Teaching This Model To Are KILLING IT with these FREE List Building and affiliate promotion methods!
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Social Traffic Revolution - WSO Downloads 2
FINALLY – A Brand New, Bullet-Proof Way To Build A List, Make Commissions, And Make A Difference…
That Doesn’t Require:
  •  No Need To Beg JV Partners For Sales Or Leads
  •  No Huge Marketing Budget To Make This Work
  •  No List or Website Required Ever
  •  No Product Creation, Review Videos, FB Posts, Or Any Content Creation
  •  No Technical Or Sales Skills Required At All – Ever!
Dear Struggling Internet Marketer,

By now, you must be sick of looking for ways to make money online, right?

Are you tired of all the lies and crappy products that only fill up the product creators pockets and leave you confused?…

The guys with the rented cars, fake houses, and Instagram models filling up their pools?
Are frustrated with the fact no matter what you try nothing works and you feel as if you’ll never escape your day job?
You ready to say goodbye to that forever – TODAY???
If so, continue reading this page because I’m going to share with you exactly how my business partners and I put together a system where ANYONE (yes, even you) can start having Big Days online, starting as soon as TOMORROW, without any prior experience at all.
Yes, even if you’ve ‘failed’ at everything in the past!
This Model Was Specifically Designed To Change The Way People Build Lists and Make Money Online FOREVER!

Now, as you may know, I have been launching products online for years.

At the time of me writing this, I have a total of 44 POTD awards and have been nominated for Product of the Year Twice.
But about 6 months something pretty bad happened…
I guess the best way to put it was – I hit a wall – HARD!
My list was getting burnt out and our JV partners were getting annoyed…
The only way for us to make consistent money online was the continuously launch products – And That Sucked Big Time!
So we did the unthinkable…
After 44 POTD Awards and 2 Product Of The Year Nominations, I Admitted To Myself That I Needed HELP!

And I had no idea where to turn…

Do I pay someone thousands for coaching?
Do I bring on employees to try and help?

Do I move to another marketplace?

That’s when a random shopping spree on Amazon came to the “rescue.”
I was searching for some training products for my 9 month old Chocolate Lab, “Happy”.
And no, please don’t say “Aww, cute name…Happy…”
NO! Absolutely not!
Happy is named after David Labrava’s character on Sons of Anarchy. Basically he’s named after a psychopath serial killer in a motorcycle gang.
But anyway…Happy (my dog) pretty much saved my business…
Social Traffic Revolution - WSO Downloads 3

So Happy, like his namesake, is pretty much a complete psychopath…

I hopped on Amazon to look for some training stuff for him and found something that would change my business forever…
They were allowing people to give away products…like REAL PRODUCTS…in order to get people to “follow them” on Amazon.
The inside of my brain looked like a Christmas tree – Lightbulbs everywhere…
Now here’s the deal – the “following” stuff is garbage…That part we’ll leave the Amazon.
But the “giving away a REAL PRODUCT” thing is absolute GOLD!
So I decided to take this little gem, sit down for a few, and see if I could come up with something revolutionary…
And After 2 Months Of Development I Finally Cracked The Code To
A Newbie Friendly Way To Start Building A List and Earning An Income WithOUT Having To Create Or Sell Anything Ever!
Even if you’ve failed in the past or have ‘tried everything’ and haven’t gotten it to ‘work for you’

I have to admit, I got a little excited…

And I don’t get excited about anything (besides fishing) 🙂
So what I did was shot a text to a friend of mine and basically laid out the entire process to him.
He thought I was insane…And I kind of did too…but I wanted someone to try this with me and he agreed…
So off to the races we went…
He went his way…I went mine…We were both going to use the EXACT process I laid out and see what the results were after 30 days…
And what happened over those 30 days…
Absolutely Blew My Mind!
Here’s How It Turned Out…
Social Traffic Revolution - WSO Downloads 4
In Just A Few Hours Worth Of ‘Work’
Follow The Exact System We’re Outlining Here

I have to admit, I was pretty amazed…

And I’ll admit one more thing – I gave myself about a 1% chance of succeeding…And I guess I proved myself wrong

Not only was I brand new at this whole affiliate marketing thing (these were the first commissions I had made as an affiliate), but he was also a (former) “Failure.”
In fact, I had spent quite a bit of money (around $10,000) trying to “figure out” this whole affiliate marketing thing…
…And these were the first dollars I had ever made as an affiliate.
It really changed everything for me. And I mean everything!
There are ten of fifteen new products launching every day…
As you probably know, most of them are around for a few weeks promising the world and delivering nothing…
You probably bought quite a few of them – I know I have!
Then there’s the ‘Clickfunnels’ of the world…
Systems that come out and simply change the way things are done online…
Models that allow anyone (including you) to make a full time income online…
This Is One Of Those Systems!
Social Traffic Revolution - WSO Downloads 5
The new way of generating income streams online that gets results even if you’ve failed in the past or have ‘tried everything’
Inside This Training You’ll Get…
Module 1

Selecting Your 6 Figure

Blue Ocean

In video one, Kenny will walk you through the process of selecting a “Blue Ocean” to work in. We hate competition and Niches are for “competitors.” Our goal here is to DOMINATE and our Blue Ocean method will teach you how to dominate your area of choice.

Remember, this works in ANY industry you could possibly think of so we focus heavily on areas OUTSIDE of the “Make Money” industry.
Module 2
The Best List Building Giveaway EVER!

And you don’t even have to create it! In module 2, Kenny will walk you through his revolutionary process of “stealing” a giveaway that people are actively asking for.

That’s right, no more trying to “convince” people to take your free thing. By using this method you’ll have something that people are already asking for and you don’t have to create anything at all – ever!
** Note – This model was “stolen” from Amazon. **
Module 3
The Done For You 2 Page List Magnet Funnel

In video 3, Kenny will go over the exact funnel he uses to build all of his email lists…

And to make things even easier, Kenny is going to give you a copy of his funnel completely for FREE for you to use however you wish.
He also goes over how to edit the funnel, add your autoresponder, and customize the entire process just for your business.
Module 4
Traffic Basics
In Module 4 Kenny will walk you through the basics of his Social Traffic generation system. You’ll learn how to create an audience, the basics of creating ads, and how to pull people into your two page funnel.
Module 5
How To Create KILLER Ads That Convert Like Crazy

In module 5, Kenny will walk you through his ad creation method that virtually guarantees super high click through rates, engagement and relevancy scores.

You will also get an inside look at all of the tools Kenny and his team use to create every ad they run.
Module 6
How To Play The Traffic “Numbers Game”

People tend to try and master everything when it comes to business. They try to get the highest conversion rate, lowest ad cost, highest earnings per click, etc.

In reality, most numbers are a waste of time and shouldn’t even be looked at.
In this module, Kenny talks about the KPIs (key performance indicators) for his businesses. These are the only numbers Kenny and his team focus on.
Module 7
Email List Management For Guaranteed Profits!

Email marketing and list management is EASY! People try to “think outside the box” and get all creative, when in fact, it’s as simple as finding the right email, loading it up, and sending it off.

Kenny and his team do 7 figures per year in sales by using this simple, step by step process. Now you get to take a look inside and use it for your own business as well.
Kenny goes over everything you’ll need to know to manage the list you will build, keep them happy, and keep them BUYING!
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside The Social Traffic Revolution System…
  •  How you can get started TODAY without an email list, product, service or idea
  •  The simple process to ethically ‘stealing’ other people’s funnels for profit
  •  How to get 100% commission on the funnels you promote
  •  The ‘Anyone Can Do It’ way to build a list strategy that costs nothing to do
  •  Why you should forget about “Free” giveaway and build a list of people who actually PAY YOU to be on your list (and how to do it)
  •  The simple steps to take this method and scaling it up to a job-destroying online income in your spare time
  •  How to run this entire system and make a full time income without spending more than 60 minutes per day at your computer
  •  Plus, get access to all sorts of new, insider tricks to making money that you have NEVER seen before

This Is The Ultimate Method for 

Newbies And (former) “Failures”

And No! It Doesn’t Just Work For Us… 

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