Justin Jackson – Marketing For Developers – WSO Downloads

Justin Jackson – Marketing For Developers - WSO Downloads
Justin Jackson – Marketing For Developers – WSO Downloads

Justin Jackson – Marketing For Developers – WSO Downloads

A book and course for programmers who want to learn marketing

Only one factor predicts a product’s success
It’s not the quality of your code.
It’s not “scratching your own itch.”
It’s not the programming framework you chose.
It’s not test-driven development or continuous integration.
What makes an app successful? Having a product/market fit!
Programmers who earn significant revenue from their products validate demand before they start coding.
One of the biggest mistakes developers make is they think they know what people need. But building something that meets a need isn’t enough. You have to create something people want.
Marketing for Developers is the guide you’ve been waiting for

The book and course will teach you everything you need to know.
The beginning: everyone starts with no audience, no product, and no revenue. It’s OK if you’re just starting out!
Build something people want: you’ll learn how to choose your target market, understand what motivates them, and pick a product idea.
Use the lean marketing stack: identify the right tools, configure them, and track the right analytics events.
Pre-launch: design a landing page that converts, write blog posts, optimize for search and build buzz.
Launch and grow: promote your application with confidence, get more traffic, creating campaigns that convert, and get your first paying customers.
The full bundle includes:
27 video lessons on everything from building an audience to running Facebook ads
A copy of the 5-star rated Marketing for Developers book
15 interview videos with experienced founders like Des Traynor, Josh Pigford, Tracy Osborn, Nathan Barry, Ryan Hoover, and Brennan Dunn
Interactive workbooks: write down your notes, save them, export them as PDF
18 downloads and bonuses: Product Hunt Handbook, competitor survey questions (PDF), launch checklist, and more!


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